writing work

I will always be a writer.

I began writing before I was a teenager, in diaries, journals, trying out poetry forms, and making up small stories. Sometimes I drew pictures to go along with the text.

I started writing with more of a focus in the late 1990s, beginning with picture books. One story, OLAF’S DOOR, was published on a multi-media platform for mobile devices. It has since gone “out of print.” I wrote more picture books, none published traditionally, and learned how to make a story work.

Currently, I’m working on novel length mysteries for middle grade, with a three-book series in development. Two short stories were included in the collection “RIVER CITY SECRETS, Stories from Richmond,” published by Chop Suey Books Books in 2016.

I also write haiku, some of which I illustrate with botanical art. The form I use (there are many) is one line of 5 syllables, the second line of 7 syllables, and the third line of 5 syllables. The challenge of capturing meaning and imagery in a few words is a great discipline.

hazel buys writer
river city secrets hazel buys

I have two stories in the anthology

River City Secrets: Stories from Richmond

for middle grade children

River City Secrets is a collection of twenty-four stories of imagination and adventure, each set in one of Richmond’s many popular historic locations. Written with children in mind, this is a great collection for adults, too!

Authors, all Richmond based, included: Kristi Tuck Austin, Elle Blair, Hazel Buys, Melissa Bybee, Deb Dudley, Robin Farmer, K.A. Herndon, Phillip Hilliker, Troy Howell, Erica Kirov, Lana Krumwiede, Stephanie McPherson, Brian Rock, Mary Helen Sheriff, Steven K. Smith, Chris Sorensen, A.B. Westrick, Vernon Wildy, Jr.


for Chinese Lantern

Translucent pumpkin
Bright bauble, paper light
Swinging festival

Hazel buys Chinese Lantern
brazil nut graphite drawing


for Brazil Nut

Dark crinkled giant
Heavy armor, forbidding
Concealing treasure


for Spring

Glorious color,
Bright red blossom, light green leaf
Winter discarded
hazel buys
botanical art hazel buys


for Summer

Humble gardener
Carries pollen, shedding life
Until her day ends


for Fall

Rotund, rosy pear,
Double-winged samara,
David and Goliath
brazil nut graphite drawing
brazil nut graphite drawing


for Winter

Leaves cry underfoot
Last gasp before winter’s sleep;
Snow falls on silence