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Dark crinkled giant
Heavy armor, forbidding
Concealing treasure

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I have a Deep appreciation for Nature

Throughout my art career, I have studied a variety of subjects and media, and have enjoyed working both on location and in the studio.

Working seated out in nature led me to a deeper appreciation of plants and trees. I’ve always had a garden where I grew herbs, vegetables and flowers as well as perennials such as azaleas, camellias, roses, and other trees and shrubs. A Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree (Corylus avellana, ‘Contorta,’) is a favorite.

I continue to work in the tradition of botanical illustration, studying the science (botany) and drawing and painting the natural world. I have an extensive resume of local and national exhibitions, and my work is included in private collections in the United States and in Europe.

I also teach in the Botanical Illustration Certificate program at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. I have been an instructor since 2011 and coordinator of the planning committee for the program since 2013.

Writer, Botanical Artist & Teacher

Hazel Buys

I grew up living the gypsy life, circling the globe with my family as we followed my father on military assignments around the world. I lived in Japan, France, Germany and England. By the time I finished college, I had spent half my life outside the United States.

It is not a surprise that my art and writing have many rich influences from all over the world.

Throughout my art career, I have studied a variety of subjects and media, and have enjoyed working both on location and in the studio.

The best subjects are the ones in which I have a personal investment. I delight in nature and in the work required in illustrating that world, the work of writing, botanical drawing and illustration.

One project I’m currently working on fuses my writing and art together in a collection of illustrated haiku.

hazel buys botanical artist
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I have two stories in the anthology

River City Secrets: Stories from Richmond

for middle grade children

River City Secrets is a collection of twenty-four stories of imagination and adventure, each set in one of Richmond’s many popular historic locations. Written with children in mind, this is a great collection for adults, too!

Authors, all Richmond based, included: Kristi Tuck Austin, Elle Blair, Hazel Buys, Melissa Bybee, Deb Dudley, Robin Farmer, K.A. Herndon, Phillip Hilliker, Troy Howell, Erica Kirov, Lana Krumwiede, Stephanie McPherson, Brian Rock, Mary Helen Sheriff, Steven K. Smith, Chris Sorensen, A.B. Westrick, Vernon Wildy, Jr.

Botanical Illustration

Groups & One-On-One

Graphite & Watercolor

My job as a teacher is to lead, encourage, and guide the student on their road to success.



While there are many quick exercises (sketching, first-impression studies, etc.) that support and build skill in botanical drawing, fully developed work in this tradition is based on meticulous, detailed observation. Botanical illustration requires staying power. You may even have to wait for your plant to bloom each year! Cultivate patience.

-hazel buys


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